Traditional.  Rich.  Inviting.

Although it’s called a ‘Traditional’ service it’s also fresh and relevant, tying together the traditions and history of Methodist worship with a solid, Biblical theology that relates to people of all ages. Our worship has a traditional style, but you will also find creativity, and flexibility in the service. Its structure and its style of music are rooted in the historical practices of the Methodist tradition, but are updated to reach a wide range of ages and tastes.

The music in the Traditional service comes from many resources

We use the Methodist hymnal, but also offer praise through song from many other sources. You’ll often see members share the talents of an instrument they play, or sing a song to enhance our worship.

Our worship setting uses easy to follow liturgy

The traditional worship service at Mt. Vernon is centered on the worship of God. Relevant teaching, liturgy, hymns, special music, and real life experiences from our faith life facilitate this worship experience.

Grounded in Christ

In accordance with the Holy Scriptures our worship is based on the teachings of Christ.

Yes. everyone!

The Traditional Service is filled with people of every age, nationality, color, marital status and background. Come as you are. Be who you are. We’re glad you’re here.


Service Starts at 11:00 am